Granite Secure

Granite Secure is the premier cyber security suite that offers a comprehensive suite of software solutions to ensure that your PC and mobile phone are completely protected against malware, viruses, identity theft, and web tracking. Unlike the competition, Granite Secure is the comprehensive protection solution that stops hackers and criminals dead in their tracks. The suite of cyber security products includes:

Shield Antivirus: protects against computer viruses

Ransomware Defender: stops ransomware attacks before they happen

Identity Theft Preventer: secures your sensitive information online and locally

PC Privacy Shield: locks down your internet browsing against tracking and attacks

NordVPN: allows you to browse the internet with security and anonymity


Comprehensive antivirus and spyware cyber security

Tailored specifically to your platform

Expert-level security with consumer friendly interface

Automated updates and forward-thinking protection

Total identity protection, locally and online

  Our comprehensive suite of solutions ensure that your computer is safe against all outside threats that would seek to compromise your information, computer, and mobile. Attacks are becoming more complex by the minute and you need a solution that will stay ahead of the criminals and hackers. If you’re not using Granite Secure, then you’re not secure at all. We are Granite Secure, the all-in-one cyber security solution looking to revolutionize the way consumers think about computer and mobile security. We have over 40 years of experience in the tech industry. Click here to learn more about us, our mission, and our future.