Facebook Hack – Now We Know What They Plan to Do with the PII

Facebook was hacked several days ago — 50MM users were affected.  https://www.forbes.com/sites/kateoflahertyuk/2018/09/29/facebook-data-breach-what-to-do-next/#1b094b7b2de3  The question seemed to be what the hackers were planning to use the personal information for.  Since the personal information did not include SSN and other financial information, it was of limited value in hacking someone’s financial persona.   However, this personal information can be used in many other ways to impersonate a Facebook user.

For example, an acquaintance reached out to me this evening with a frightening story.  A friend of the the family had called my acquaintance and told him his daughter was in jail and needed money.  It appears that the family friend (who would only be known to a hacker by accessing information from Facebook) had called the family friend impersonating the daughter and claiming that she was in jail and was too embarrassed to call her parents and needed the family friend to send $5,000 via FedEx to a mailing address in another state from where the “daughter” was allegedly being held.  The “daughter” talked to the family friend for about 10 minutes before hanging up.  The family friend was convinced by the impersonation and was about to send the money when they were stopped by their wife who said he should call the parent — which had luckily just talked to the daughter.  This is just one way the personal information can be used to scam.  This personal information can also be used to send fake e-mails which have the unsuspecting recipient download malware — or ransomware.

I would reach out to close family friends/relatives immediately and alert them of this scam and tell them that they should not respond and to carefully review any e-mail before downloading anything.  And above all, change your Facebook password now!