What is a VPN?

As online security has become more important to the hundreds of millions connecting to the internet, the for need secure browsing has become vital to preserving online privacy. A virtual private network or VPN allows for privacy and security by utilizing security and privacy countermeasures. A professional grade VPN solution provides total anonymity when using the internet. These countermeasures work as a wall between you, your ISP, and those who might be tracking your online activities for malicious reasons.

A VPN works by allowing you to connect to the internet through an external secure source hosted elsewhere. Secure VPN software, like NordVPN, allows you to be more secure and circumvent censorship or restricted services. With the recent repeal of Net Neutrality, it’s more vital than ever to be able to use the internet in a way that keeps your personal information private and safe against outside censure.

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Why Use a VPN ?

If you browse the the internet from coffee shop’s WiFi network, check your emails while at the airport, or download music in your college dorm, you need to be guarded against possible breaches in your privacy. Public internet networks are often unsecure, which means you need to put a barrier between your activities and those looking to track and limit your connections.

But the need for a VPN isn’t limited to connecting to public networks. It is also 100% necessary when connecting from your own personal home network. While a firewall and antivirus may protect against incoming virus threats, a VPN protects against those who look to limit how you use the internet in the comfort of your own home. Using the internet without a VPN means unsecure, public browsing regardless of location and your online footprint is visible to anyone.

What is a VPN Service ?

A VPN service, like Nord VPN, allows you to connect to a virtual private network of your choosing with multiple options across the world. It costs pennies per day to keep you protected all month long; a small price to pay for guaranteed internet anonymity and security.

With NordVPN, there is also a guarantee that none of your activity is logged while connected to the virtual private network; a feature not common to VPNs. This feature, along with expert and customer satisfaction, sets NordVPN apart from the growing number of VPN options.

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