What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft occurs when personal information is stolen that would allow someone else to pose as you, engaging in fraudulent activity in the process. Once your identity is stolen, your identity is used to purchase items on credit cards, open bank accounts, or make false changes to accounts. These actions can have negative effects on your credit score, ability to take out loans, and, in some cases, find employment.

It’s estimated that 1 in 4 people have experienced some form of identity theft in their lifetime, often resulting in the closing of credit cards and other minor inconveniences. However, with identity theft numbers increasing every year (between 2015 and 2016 it increased 16%), criminals and hackers engaged in identity theft and fraud are on the rise and constantly looking for new victims.

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What is Internet Fraud?

Internet fraud is the digital form of identity theft that often occurs through various nefarious approaches by increasingly creative scammers. Years ago, email used to be the prime choice of hackers committing internet fraud due to the ease in which identity-stealing devices could be deployed. In recent years, more complex cyber attacks, like ransomware, are being used. Creating false websites to log entries, known as spoofing, has taken the place of phishing, a similar tactic that utilized email to gather information.

Along with spoofing, internet fraud can now occur even when the website or page is secure due to malicious programs installing themselves on your computer and accessing documents that contain sensitive information. New forms of cyber attacks are much harder to prevent due to the complex nature of those programs, often requiring dedicated prevention software to isolate the breaches.

How to Avoid Identity Theft?

Due to the multifaceted nature of identity theft, it’s important to understand how to prevent it before it happens and protect sensitive information from being susceptible to potential cyber attacks. Granite Secure’s Identity Theft Preventer not only prevents identity theft and internet fraud before they happen but also identifies sensitive material that may be stored on your computer.

Identity Theft Preventer works not only to ensure that identity theft and internet fraud are neutralized while using the internet as well making sure your computer isn’t also vulnerable. A unique detection mechanism works to remove any flagged document on your computer that contains information that could be used maliciously. This two-step approach is unique to Granite Secure’s Identity Theft Preventer while making the go-to choice for experts and customers alike to stop identity theft and internet fraud.

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