What is a Secure Browser?

A secure browser is any program that protects you while browsing the internet against incoming threats such as malware, tracking cookies, and viruses. These malicious entities hide within web pages all across the internet, looking to infiltrate and attack your computer. While firewalls help to stop incoming directed attacks, they are not enough to prevent against the ever-present threat that exists lurking inside certain web pages online.

If our browser becomes compromised, the likelihood of you knowing even with antivirus software is slim. Malware and viruses have become particularly creative in entering your browser through web pages and fundamentally altering the way your browser works. They even displaying false secure connections in some cases. This can cause all incoming and outgoing internet activity to become compromised and vulnerable to attacks and tracking

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Why Use a Private Browser Application

Using a private browser application ensures that you are browsing safely and securing without the possibility of attacks from the malicious content present on web pages. Private browser applications add a level of security that is not present in any of the most popular internet browsers:Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.

These browsers do have their own set of security and privacy tools that they use to keep their users safe. But, they are not enough in the ever-changing world of internet security. Yesterday’s brick wall may be tomorrow’s chain-link fence that blocks certain threats while letting other, newer threats, right through.

What is the Safest Browser?

The safest browser is one that allows you to browse, shop, and go about your business on the internet while being completely protected against incoming malware, viruses, and any manner of tracking programs. It would also be unobtrusive in your online activities meaning it wouldn’t have to be constantly checked and updated to reaffirm that it is doing its job. It would also allow you to continue to use your current browser and not restrict you to one specific choice.

Granite Secure’s PC Privacy Shield is the undeniable best choice then for creating the safest browser possible. Not only does PC Privacy Shield allow you to continue to use your browser, but it operates in the background, automatically protecting your computer from all incoming threats. It is the only choice for comprehensive browser security that protects as you browse the web.

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