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Granite Secure antivirus software is bulletproof protection from all current viruses, Trojans, and spyware on both Windows and Android. It is zero-compromise, active protection that protects against every threat along with ensuring immediate threat identification and neutralization.
Granite Secure antivirus software is easy to install, comprehensive active monitoring, and offers immediate notifications should a breach be identified. Along with active system monitoring, email is also protected against threats that could arrive through incoming emails through active blocking and quarantine. Granite Secure antivirus software automatically updates which means that you never have to worry about being vulnerable to the next significant threat.

12,782,094 Protected Computers

826,792 Known Viruses

181,859,319 Blocked Viruses

Granite Secure Windows Antivirus

Granite Secure Windows antivirus is one-half of the antivirus protection you get with Granite Secure Antivirus. It features robust protection that does the work of keeping your PC protected and secure against a slew of incoming threats. It is even compatible with Windows operating systems from 10 to Windows XP.
Unlike competitors, Granite Secure Windows antivirus offers zero compromise protection that does not interfere with your daily PC usage. Without the slow down experienced with other Windows antivirus solutions, you will be able to browse, email, and game at top speeds without experiencing slowdowns.
Granite Secure’s Shield Antivirus is just one of a suite of security solutions that you can use to protect yourself from incoming threats including ransomware, identity theft, and online web tracking.

Granite Secure Android Antivirus

If you own an Android phone, you are at risk of the same security attacks on the go as you are at home on your PC. These attacks can come from malicious email links, spoofed websites, and even other mobile users. With Granite Secure Android Antivirus, however, your phone can be as secure as your home computer with the same zero-compromise antivirus protection.

The data stored on your mobile device is as relevant and personal as the data on your desktop, which means it requires the same quality of security. Granite Secure Android Antivirus ensures that your Android phone is protected and doesn’t affect your device’s speed or battery life.

Security breaches can affect anyone; get Granite Secure Android Antivirus Today!

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